About Us

Horse North Inc. is a 501(C)3 Michigan Non-profit corporation.

Our organization is made up of board members and many volunteers.  We take in abused, abandoned, neglected, rescued and donated horses & ponies. We evaluate the incoming horses, tend to their needs (physical, emotional & training), rehabilitate them if needed and the ultimate goal is to adopt/lease the horse to an appropriately matched home.

Once in the program they are property of Horse North Inc. This program offers the horse or pony the security of being appropriately cared for and monitors every adoptive home for 2 years, at which time horses may become permanently adopted. Horse North has been functioning for many years with great success for both the program horses and the adoptive/lease families.

The needs and costs involved in caring for and rehabilitating horses & ponies is great. It can take many months even years before some of them are considered placeable. Those that are not currently placeable need support in order to cover the costs of their basic needs. Horse North Inc. volunteers can and do donate their time to care for these animals with special needs on a long term basis.

We are a group committed to the needs and well being of the horse or pony, and we offer support & education to our community and the adoptive/lease families.

Horse North Inc. Board Members and Advisors include Equine Veterinarians, Farriers, and numerous rescue volunteers.


Our Purpose....

Horse North Rescue Inc was established to provide a safe haven for horses in needs and to help educate and assist horse owners in need. We strive to maintain a positive attitude and inviting atmosphere and encourage those in need of education or assistance to contact our organization.

Our Goal....

Our goal is to protect horses from crulety and suffering, provide a safe, healthy environment, rehabilitate and work with horses and re-home horses

Jerry (Hop) --  President and Board Member


Hop has been a familiar face around Horse North for the past 4 years as an active volunteer. He has hauled horses and hay, and worked at many of our fund raisers and work bees. He believes in the wonderful benefits of the Rescue and finds great satisfaction in seeing the horses get rehabilitated and placed in homes. He enjoys trail riding on and camping with his Missouri Fox Trotter Rocky, is a member of Back Country Horsemen, the WalkAWay Trail Riders, and the Michigan Trail Riders Association. Hop is retired, so if you see him on one of his many trail rides, be sure to say hi!

Hop can be reached at horsenorthrescue@gmail.com

Nancy --Treasurer, Secretary and Board Member

Nancy was introduced to Horse North Rescue through one of the educational programs offered several years ago.  She quickly became involved as a volunteer because of her strong belief in the many benefits of the program.  For the past year Nancy has served as our Secretary/Treasurer bringing her years of business experience and knowledge into the organization.

Nancy has owned horses for 30 plus years and is able to offer knowledge and experience in the equine world.  As a strong advocate for Horse North, Nancy has organized and worked on multiple fund raising events, rescue operations, clinics, horse inspections, trailing horses and actively participates in committees.
Nancy is on the board for the Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition hay bank serving the Northern Michigan area.  She follows up on requests for hay, feed and assistance for horses and owners that have fallen on difficult economic times.  As an avid trail rider, she is also a member of the Michigan Trail Riders Association having completed the 250 mile shore to shore ride a number of times.  She is also on the steering committee for the WalkAWay Trail Riders Club and a member of the MI Missouri Foxtrotter Association.
Nancy can be reached horsenorthrescue@gmail.com



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