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Donate a Horse


Support Horse North Rescue

Monetary Contributions

Donations can be made by mail:

Make Checks payable to Horse North Rescue.

Horse North Rescue •  PO Box 76 Kingsley, MI 49649

Or click this green link to: Donate Online

* Please note: Horse North is an established 501c3 Non-profit organization. As per the requirements for all non-profit organizations, are books are always available for inspection upon request. Please contact our book keeper Holly Middaugh @ Horsenorthrescue@gmail.com Please specify the time period you wish to inquire about and submit your request in writing and we will get you the info within 30 days of your request.

By shopping:   On our on line store 50% of your purchase price comes back to us.

By using our custom feed: We get 3% back on every bag of Horse North Rescue purchased through our local distributors. (Click our custom feed link on our main page to find one near you.)

By saving us your "Tribute" brand Proof of Purchase labels: Horse North can get $.25 for every Proof of Purchase label we collect. Please save and send your Tribute Proof of purchase to Horse North Rescue PO Box 76 Kingsley MI 49649


Example of "Tribute" Proof of Purchases


What Your Support Does

Your support cares and feeds horses who have been neglected, abused or whose owners can no longer keep them. 

Some horses are not place-able for various reasons. It becomes very expensive to keep them, so they need your help.

We also care for horses waiting to be placed. They need food, medications, farrier care and more while they are being retrained and while waiting to be placed.

To care for a pony costs about $50 - $80 a month, including feed, worming, and farrier expenses.

To care for a horse costs about $90 - $200 a month, including feed, worming and farrier expenses.


Food and forage alone costs...

An average-sized horse requires $75 - $130 per month for feed and forage alone, depending on the cost of hay and grain, and size, condition and appetite of the horse.

None of these figures include extra things some horses may need.  For example, horses that are undernourished or are infested with internal or external parasites, animals full of sand, or those in need of vet care or medications all require additional funds.

Any amount donated helps!  Don't think your donation is too small.


Donate a Horse

Our policies have changed for personal horse donation. There is important information you should know and that we will need to obtain from you before you donate a horse to us. Every privately donated horse (non rescue situations) must be approved by the Board or Directors. Our Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday of every month. Please submit the horse you wish to donate in writing/e-mail and someone will contact you after we meet that month.
For emergencies or Rescue's in need of immediate assistance, please e-mail us: HorseNorthRescue@gmail.com
Please visit this page for more information and to download the donation forms: Donate a Horse


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